Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol (Bloom's Guides) by Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

By Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

This sequence presents complete studying and learn courses for many of the world's most vital literary masterpieces.

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Throwing open the windows onto a perfect winter day, Scrooge learns it is Christmas Day; he had not slept through it after all. His experience of the ghostly visitations—like the experience of time in dreams—occurred in a timeless state that can seem magically upon awakening to have spanned a year or a century but, measured in linear time, took up only a few minutes of the dreamer’s deep sleep. Scrooge hails a boy on the street whom he sends to fetch a “prize turkey twice the size of Tiny Tim” to be sent to the Cratchit family.

He has replaced her with a “golden” idol and exchanged hopeful love for desire for wealth. She challenges him: Would he with his “changed nature,” his “altered spirit” still choose her—a dowerless girl? Scrooge avoids a real response; her question is rhetorical. With her 38 question, the young woman has bravely saved her own life; Scrooge’s passive consent seals his fate. He will later feel this choice as deprivation. Scrooge begins his torment only after watching himself lose life’s most desired gift.

Scrooge is then transported to the Cratchit home, where he finds the family in mourning over Tiny Tim, who is near death. Each member suffers his or her own private grief, but their interactions reflect care and compassion for the others who are similarly grieving. This is a family that gives strength and hope to each of its members. Bob, the father, has just returned from the cemetery where the family will bury Tiny Tim on Sunday. Assembling the family, Bob leads them in a pledge to keep sacred all memories of Tiny Tim and to allow the pure love of their little son and brother to protect and preserve the mutual goodwill of the family.

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