ABC Proteins: From Bacteria to Man by I Barry Holland, Susan P. C. Cole, Karl Kuchler, Christopher

By I Barry Holland, Susan P. C. Cole, Karl Kuchler, Christopher F. Higgins

ABC Proteins is an in-depth, up to date research of all that's identified concerning the topic up to now. It discusses and compares evolution, biology and mechanism of motion of all recognized ABC proteins, together with the 1st structural reports in addition to medical implications. it is going to be beneficial to someone attempting to remain abreast of the newest findings. This booklet is certain to turn into a vintage and should frequently be up-to-date. Key gains* Phylogeny and Evoloution of ABC Transporters* primary features of the Mechanism of motion of ABC Transporters* Prokaryote ABC Transporters* Non-Mammalian Transporters* Multidrug Transporters* ABC Transporters, Physiological Roles and Human disorder* complete colour all through

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