Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Writings by Frithjof Schuon

By Frithjof Schuon

The non secular traveller could hold this German/English bilingual publication of poems for an entire life and never exhaust its content material.

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Qxd 6/23/2003 4:07 PM Page 47 Adastra Sinceritas Man before God and world: this is the question That contains all other questions. If with God thou hast found thy peace, then thou canst bear The world’s absurdities, and burdens of thy soul. Ask me what men are worth and I will ask What their comportment is before the Sovereign Good. Each destiny may have its troubles — Blessèd the man reposing in God’s Will. Joy This must thou learn: wholly to rejoice In the Sovereign Good, And to regret nothing Of life’s vexatious din.

Don’t follow feeling’s easy play, But persevere in the stern heights of truth. The eagle’s eye perceives the essence of things; Be patient then, O soul, with mere appearances. The heart of man is destined for the true; So take care that thy heart choose truth. Heresy They say: love God and do not think; Just drink the wine of God’s beatitude. You see where their thinking falls short: As if thought weren’t a gift from God. As if one could not know the limits of the mind, And still call God’s Being by name; As if the sage who respects words, Were unworthy of God’s perfect love!

Der Weg zum Himmel kennt nicht Eigensucht Noch Ehrgeiz; er ist edles Selbstvergessen. Schaut, was die allerhöchsten Werte sind — Denn was ihr wert seid, könnt ihr nicht ermessen. Berufung Schönheit erfordert Tugend, weil sie sonst Entweihung ist, eitle Narzissus-Sünde; Gott will nicht, dass das schöne Weib sich stolz Den Kranz des Sieges um die Schläfen winde. Und so des Menschen Geist: er wirket nicht Um Eitles auszubrüten, zum Verderben; Berufung ist, das gottgegebne Licht Zu säen und das Himmelreich zu erben — Denn Gottes Gabe ist des Menschen Pflicht.

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