ADHS bei Erwachsenen - Betroffene berichten aus ihrem Leben by Doris Ryffel-Rawak

By Doris Ryffel-Rawak

Patienten mit einer Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitstörung (ADHS) leiden im Erwachsenenalter unter vielfältigen Problemen: Im Vordergrund stehen Aufmerksamkeits- und Konzentrationsstörungen, die wiederum zu ausgeprägten Schwierigkeiten im Berufsalltag führen. Häufige Stimmungsschwankungen, Antriebsstörungen und das Gefühl, ein Leben wie im Nebel zu führen, haben zusätzliche unfavourable Auswirkungen im familiären und sozialen Umfeld. Schließlich finden sich unter ADHS-Betroffenen solche mit ausgeprägten impulsiven Verhaltensweisen und starker Hyperaktivität. Die Autorin hat sich auf die Diagnostik und Therapie von erwachsenen ADHS-Patienten spezialisiert. Viele ihrer Patienten hatten zahlreiche Therapieversuche hinter sich, waren meist auf Unverständnis gestoßen, und in Unkenntnis des Krankheitsbildes wurden erfolgversprechende Therapien unterlassen.

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This time is, at the same time, that of the end (of an eschatological process in whatever form: Last Judgment or revolution, salvation or catastrophe) and of an unlimited suspension of the end. This time, where only a history can take place - that is a succession of not insane facts, but all in disequilibrium towards the future - is not that of ceremonial societies, where all things are accomplished at the origin and where ceremony retraces the perfection of this original event, perfect in the sense of all being fulfilled.

The fashion apparatus and its strategies for producing consumption depend on this “negative” reaction to the products it makes available; the fashion apparatus operates on the basis of its own denial, producing its own lack so as to (re)produce desire(s) for the image(s) that will fill the w/hole of the self and its experience of being. Fashion produces the not-being or the anti-fashion subject. ) - But in the real inner reaches of your outer limits... ’ fit3 BODY INVADERS Fashion has a bad reputation and the consumer implicitly or explicitly knows that there exists a fashion that could be characterized as homogenous - clothing rack after clothing rack of the same article of clothing with marginal variations in cut, colour and shape - and expressionless, precisely because of the repetition that neutralizes the effect of being unique or individual; and finally, totalizing, in that the fashion display insists on a coherent coordination of the parts, whether they be colour-coordinated or shape-coordinated along similar or dissimilar lines, into a whole that gives rise to the “total look”, What fashion offers in order to escape the regime of fashion is diversity, and the freedom of choice to create an individually unique style that is specially marked with personal and artistic idiosyncracies.

But of a slowing down, indifference, and stupefaction. History can no longer surpass itself, it can no longer envisage its own finality, dream its own end; it wraps itself in its own immediate effect, it exhausts itself in its own special effects, it falls back on itself, it implodes in actuality. Finally, we cannot even speak of the end of history, for it will not have time to rejoin its own end. Its effects accelerate, but its sense slackens, ineluctably. It will end by stopping and by extinguishing itself, like light and time at the outskirts of a mass infinitely dense.

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