Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 12 by F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

By F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12. content material: bankruptcy 7. The Literature of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry 1972Author Index: stories of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry; writer Index; topic Index; Cumulative checklist of participants; Cumulative record of Titles. summary: ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12

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In particular, the reactivity of CpFe(CO),Me has been substantially repressed, and that of CpFe(CO),CH,CMe, enhanced, relative to those of the other complexes. The order is no longer in harmony with a backside attack of N - ANDREW WOJClCKl 42 TABLE I1 h T W OF SOa INSERTION OF SOMB CpFe(C0)aR ALKYLSIN CHLOROFORM^ ka (M - lsec- l) R Rel. 2 x 10-6 very slow very slow i-Pr CHpCMe3 CHaSiMe3 Me CHaPh CMe3 460 32 27 1 - - At 26°C; from Jacobson (71). sulfur dioxide; instead, it best reflects the relative stabilities (in the experimental context) of the metal alkyls.

Chem. 208 (1957). , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. 705, 4020 (1959). , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. 1718 (1960). Chatt. , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. 285 (1961). , and Shaw, B. , Chem. Ind. , Coffey, R. , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. Soc. 7391 (1965), and references therein. , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. , A 1836 (1966), and references therein. , Shaw, B. , and Williams, A. A,, J. Chem. 3269 (1962). , Vallarino, L. , and Venanzi, L. , J . Chem. 3413 (1957). , and Wilkins, R. , Nature (London) 165, 859 (1950); J. Chem. 2622 (1952).

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