Al-Masaq - Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean (Volume 21 by Dionisius A. Agius

By Dionisius A. Agius

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140, for reference to the Rum Seljuk rulers described as the ‘‘Second Sulayma¯n’’. S. Blair and J. Bloom, Art and Architecture of Islam 1250–1800 (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1995), p. 23. P. Duggan, ‘‘The motifs employed on Rum Seljuk 13th century eight-pointed star tiles from Antalya province and elsewhere in Anatolia: An interpretation’’, Adalya, 9 (2006): 149–219, esp. pp. 206–208. There are innumerable later examples of Islamic works related to the jinn under the prophet Sulayman or the second Su¨leyman’s command, many marked as such by the six- or eight-pointed star, and see for example the illuminated copy of the Su¨leymaname, the ‘‘Book of Solomon’’, by Firdaws (c.

16 As with the jewels in the eyes of the colossal gold statue of Apollo made by Bryaxis at Antioch. 17 See for example, Renkli Tanr|lar, Istanbul Arkeoloji Mu¨zesi: Antik Heykel Sanat|nda C ¸ okrenklilik, ed. V. Brinkmann and R. Wu¨nsche (2006). , The Thousand Nights and One Night), IV:41–42. 19 Iliad Bk. 18, vv. 375ff, 417–418. Also Apollo seems to have made one that may have moved, ‘‘But he of the silver bow, Apollo, fashioned an image in the likeness of Aineias himself and in armour like him, and all about this image brilliant Achaians and Trojans hewed at each other’’ (Iliad Bk.

96–98; Hitti, History of the Arabs, p. C. Creswell, A Short Account of Early Muslim Architecture (Harmondsworth, UK: Penguin, 1958), p. P. Duggan birds, such as the singing bird depicted surmounting a dome in one of the devices in Badi‘ al-Zama¯n b. al-Razza¯z al-Jazari’s seventh/thirteenth-century work, Al-ja¯mi‘ bayn al-‘ilm wa l-a‘ma¯l al-na¯fi‘ f i sina¯‘at al-hiyal, ‘‘A compendium of theory and _ _ useful practice in the mechanical arts’’—birds that were perhaps to be read as symbols of the army of birds under Sulayma¯n’s command, and thus were a reference to the Second Sulayma¯n, the caliph, with this horseman regarded as a symbol of the ‘Abba¯sid caliphate and perhaps representing the caliph himself.

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