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In 1729, King George II made the two parts of Carolina separate royal colonies. Georgia Georgia, named after King George II, was the last of the 13 English colonies. Its wealthy proprietor, James Oglethorpe, planned Georgia as a refuge for debtors and a military outpost against the Spaniards in Florida. This plan did not succeed, however; and in 1752, Georgia became a royal colony. ■ New England Unlike most of the southern colonies, New England was settled by people seeking a religious haven, not investors seeking a fortune.

Beaver skins sent to France and made into hats were a particularly profitable item. The French generally had better relations with Native Americans than did the Spanish. French trappers and traders known as coureurs de bois—“runners of the woods”— lived among the Native Americans and learned their ways. Without soldiers accompanying them, French missionaries bravely journeyed into the American wilderness to convert Native Americans to Catholicism. Section 2 ★ Assessment Checking for Understanding 1.

Contact with the East spurred a new demand in Europe for Asian luxury goods, such as spices and silk. European cities— especially Venice and Genoa in Italy— became more prosperous due to increased trading in the Mediterranean area. Renaissance and Reformation In Europe, a wealthy and educated middle class developed from an increase in commerce and the growth of cities. Prosperity, optimism, and an emphasis on human abilities led to a profound cultural awakening known as the Renaissance. Renaissance ideas and values began about 1350 in the city-states of northern Italy and spread to other parts of Europe.

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