Anthropology and the Public Interest. Fieldwork and Theory by Peggy Reeves Sanday

By Peggy Reeves Sanday

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Clearly, low priority goes to the special needs of people who, without assistance, are unable to operate within our institutional arrangements. Moreover, people who occupy relatively powerless positions and who are perceived by those in power as "not their own kind" (by whatever criterion) are asked to make the greater sacrifices on behalf of the larger society. Land owned by members of so-called minority groups is more likely to be condemned for new schools or other public purposes. Those in power, moreover, resent persons who champion the interests of the powerless when the latter are called on to make the major sacrifices.

The criticisms of its involvement have been many—association with colonial or occupying regimes, a role as caretaker of subject peoples, advancement of personal careers based on the culture and experiences of informants. It has also been praised for the persistence of its humane point of view and the spirited defense by many anthropologists of the interests of the people they have studied. Exactly the same kinds of criticisms and praise can and have been, heaped on scholars and scientists of many disciplines concerned with the life and fate of human beings—historians, economists, physicians, members of the clergy.

Nevertheless, the ideal of intellectual nudity seems to be not uncommon among some who would work in the jungles of bureaucracy. There is a great deal to learn about the fieldwork situation in advance—more if one is working in a complex society than in a simpler one—and, in many ways, it is easier to learn because a lot of it has been codified. This is not to say that the codified knowledge about the workings of a complex society is accurate but only that the natives have busied themselves with studying that knowledge before going to work in their bureaucratic vineyards.

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