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Therefore, what should be important for us is that a human being is the caliph of Allah and no matter what race, gender, language or religion a person appears to be; we must do our utmost to show them our respect and love. Otherwise, we will pass blindly away from this world in a conditioned state of mind, completely unaware both of all those realities as well as of Allah. So this would eventually lead us to a state of complete AHMED HULUSI ^ suffering and torment. As a result of this, we would show no gratitude to the people we came into contact with since we would have been deprived of our own reality and would be totally ignorant of our own true nature.

As the phase of the sun's growth approaches, the Sun will cause Mercury, Venus and the Earth to melt down, become vaporized and then disappear completely from their places. With this disappearance, the Van Allen radiation belt trapped in orbit around the world and surrounding it like a magnetic ring will come to an end, and when this happens the world's magnetic gravitational field will be deactivated, which will cause all the people to come together on the sun's platform. After this field has disappeared from its place, the end of the world will come, which we know as Judgement Day, and after that phase, the people will come to realize what they have done in their worldly lives and what these things have brought them with respect to that day's conditions as well as the environment existing around themselves on that very same day, as well as what the rights and wrongs of their AHMED HULUSI ^ doings will bring them.

With this statement no gender discrimination was meant. This means that both men and women are equal when it comes to being the caliph of Allah. Both of them have the maturity to become the caliphs of Allah. For this reason, one can never talk about a woman as a second degree being or as a second-class person when compared to a man. Because when Allah said that 'We created you as the caliphs on the face of the Earth' he mentioned nothing about the differences between a man and a woman. With respect to the origin and the nature of men and women, they both have the same qualities when it comes to the subject of caliphate.

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