Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the by A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner

By A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner

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Y. 87 (OB); [umma amelu nakka]ptalu kilallan ... - 5i] i-sa-nu-du da-da-nu-ti ikkalulu (wr. K1'ii) inaSu i-ta-[... ] if both of a man's temples bottom of the slab must not reach the kiln Thompson Chem. pl. 2:52 (= ZA 36 192 § 3:18). Thompson DAC xxvii; 166 n. 2. dabfi Landsberger, MSL 1 (dabbu, fem. * stantly, the sinews of his neck hurt, his eyes dam. ; SAL da-bu-u, = da-bi-tu Hh. ); az = [a-su] = [da-bu-u] Hg. az = a-su = da-bu-u Hg. A I 222, and Hg. B II 187; AZa-s = da-bu-u Izbu Comm. 221. da-ab-bu, a-su = da-bu-u Malku V 50f.

MES U also da la LIU. TCL 12 120:16; Nbn. KU 5 . MES Nbn. ME S a MEs tuppi ituru the judges had (the agreement) put in writing to prevent any change Nabi -na'idgar Babili the chief justice and RA 12 7 r. MES Nbn. 1128:6, cf. MES a Nabii-na'id Sar anybody here who has a case against PN toBabili Nbn. , cf. gether with PN, and they shall settle their Nbn. MES 8a Nergal-ar-usur Tar kaspa ... MES iqtabunu I showed Uruk ... DI. cf. ), YOS 7 KU5-a now you shall be my judge! ), Nbn. SAR U PN3 si-pi-ri ...

Edu dajanu dajinu judge, I, to the judge SBH p. 57: If. ] : be-lum da-a-a-an [... ] BA 10/1 73 No. 2 r. 7f. graph; gumma da-a-a-nu-umdinam idin purus sdm iprus kunukkam u§ezib if a judge renders a decision, delivers a verdict, and issues the duly sealed record CH § 5:6, cf. ibid. ), cf. ibid. 116 N 39. b) in Ur III: see Falkenstein Gerichtsur- Goetze LE § 48:43, restored from Tablet B, photo- for other refs. , cf. §§ 5:28, 9:27, 13:16, 168:13, 15, 172:19, 177:29, 34; awilam u'ati mahar da-a-a-ni inaddicu they shall give the man a beating in the presence of the judges CH § 127: 31.

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