Bacterial sensing and signaling by Mattias, Ph.D. Collin, Raymond, Ph.D. Schuch

By Mattias, Ph.D. Collin, Raymond, Ph.D. Schuch

Chemical interactions among organisms in microbial groups / Duan, okay. ... [et al.] -- Autoinducer-2-based chemical communique in micro organism: complexities of interspecies signaling / Federle, M.J. -- The molecular foundation of excitation and variation in the course of chemotactic sensory transduction in micro organism / Rao, C.V., Ordal, G.W. -- Bacterial PEP-dependent carbohydrate: phosphotransferase structures couple sensing and worldwide keep watch over mechanisms / Lengeler, J.W., Jahreis, K.-- Correlations among carbon metabolism and virulence in micro organism / Poncet, S. ... [et al.] -- Stand-alone reaction regulators controlling international virulence networks in streptococcus pyogenes / McIver, K.S. -- The heme sensor process of staphylococcus aureus / Stauff, D.L., Skaar, E.P. -- Bacterial sensing of antimicrobial peptides / Otto, M. -- RNA thermosensors in bacterial pathogens / Johansson, J. -- winning ideas of c-di-GMP signaling / Romling, U., Simm, R. -- Magnetosomes and magneto-aerotaxis / Frankel, R.B., Bazylinski, D.A. -- Engineering bacterial signs and sensors / Salis, H., Tamsir, A., Voigt, C

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We note that a number of subsequent additions and reformulations to the original Bray model have been proposed over the years, though the key ideas still remain [90, 91, 109–113]. One open question is how receptors communicate with one another, in particular between neighboring trimers-of-dimers. One set of experiments suggests that interactions between trimers may occur along the extracellular face of the receptors [114]. g. Hill coefficients >10) and also how allosteric signals are propagated over large distances [105, 108].

Harveyi’s LuxR protein directly activates transcription of luciferase and regulates nearly 100 other genes [6]. When V. harveyi reaches high cell density, HAI-1 concentrations are also high. When bound to autoinducer, the enzymatic activity of LuxN switches from kinase to phosphatase, and LuxN drains phosphate from LuxU and LuxO. Dephosphorylated LuxO is unable to activate transcription of sRNA genes, and consequently, LuxR expression is derepressed, and luciferase is expressed, and light is produced.

Hydration in aqueous solution forms S-THMF and R-THMF. S-THMF is able to complex with borate, forming S-THMF-borate [adapted from 11]. responsible for the production of the linear DPD molecule, which through spontaneous rearrangements, produces a pool of interconverting compounds. A molecule recognized by one species can rearrange to become the signal recognized by another species. It remains to be seen whether forms of DPD other than the two now known are recognized as AI-2 signals, or whether other types of adducts can be made from DPD to generate new, unanticipated AI-2 molecules.

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