Basic Concepts of EKG: A Simplified Approach by Harilal K. Nair

By Harilal K. Nair

This ebook is meant to supply the fundamental strategies of EKG and its research via basic and logical motives for newcomers in addition to skilled execs. it's crafted with the training habit of overall healthiness execs in brain and accordingly rationalized technique with simplified analogy strategy is used during the e-book. All details are colour coded and defined with illustrations for simple examining and speedy reference.

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10 sec). 43 Sec). · Lead I, II, III are called bipolar leads and Lead aVR, aVL, aVF and V1-V6 are unipolar leads. Test Your Understanding 1. Which of the following represent QRS complex in an EKG? A Ventricular contraction B Ventricular diastole C Atrial systole D Atrial contraction 2. Which of the following statement is true regarding direction of current and EKG waveform? A Current flowing towards negative electrode produces a positive waveform B Current flowing away from negative electrode produces a negative waveform C Current flowing towards the positive electrode produces a biphasic waveform D Current flowing away from positive electrode produces a negative waveform 3.

Absolute refractory period is the time between Phase 0 to a point in Phase 3 where the tissue is incapable of depolarization no matter how strong the impulse is. · Relative refractory period is the time in which a sufficiently stronger stimulus can produce a premature impulse. Test Your Understanding · 1. Which of the following represent the natural properties of myocardial cell that aids in generation of electrical impulses? A Conductivity B Contractility C Automaticity D Refractory period · 2.

4. 44 seconds. 8. Other Characteristics Look for other characteristics such as ectopic beats, pauses and any regularity of these events, ST segment changes, dropped beats, presence of multiple P waves for each QRS etc. This time, you essentially put together all the information gathered in previous steps. Points to Remember!!! · Presence of P wave in the beginning of an EKG complex represents an atrial rhythm. · Junctional rhythms may have inverted, absent or trailing P waves. · In regular rhythms, P-P and R-R interval are constant from beat to beat.

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