Bitter Demons by Sarra Cannon

By Sarra Cannon

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For makeup, I pictured just a touch of black eyeliner and soft, glossy lips. The change took place quickly and without any real effort. I didn't even need to look in the mirror to know it was perfect. Of course, I looked anyway, just to admire the work and make sure nothing looked strange or out of place. I could feel that I was still tapped into some power river deep in my soul, but it ran in the background of my thoughts and didn't take much concentration to continue. I looked like myself, but better.

I wondered if I'd made him lose his appetite. "I was never baptized as a child," I said. "Instead of immersing you in water, they poured their demon slaves into you," he said. " Goosebumps crawled across my flesh. " My voice trailed off and I dropped my head low. Jackson put his finger under my chin and lifted my head. "You had no choice," he said. " My eyes stung, but I held back my tears. "It's good that you have more power," he said. " We sat in silence, the fun atmosphere of the surprise picnic completely dissolved now that I had brought up the ritual.

As if they would simply send me away to be placed in juvenile detention all the way in Atlanta? Seeds of anger took root in my belly. I opened my mouth to tell her exactly what I thought of her threats, but the touch of Mrs. King's hand on my arm made me pause. " She began to pace again. " I said, unable to hold back my tongue. Mrs. Ashworth lifted her chin. "Yes, weeks. If needed, possibly months. " I clenched my jaw tight to keep from screaming. They had no right to place me on probation! If it hadn't been for me, we'd have had a fourth dead student in this town.

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