Strange but True Stories: Book 1 (Strange But True) by Janice Greene

By Janice Greene

Contents comprise: The Presidential Ghost, secret Spots on the earth, alien ship or climate Balloon? and plenty of more.

Who isn't really occupied with the area of the bizarre? those tales are the last word in high-interest examining. truth or fiction? actual or unreal? allow your scholars make a decision. the folks, areas and issues in those tale collections variety from the bizarre to the preposterous, from creepy to absolutely terrifying, from the peculiar to the bleak. but, all are in keeping with eyewitness debts or the forged scholarship of great investigators.

unusual yet precise tales sequence. Who isnt occupied with the realm of the unusual? those tales are the last word in high-interest examining. truth or fiction? actual or unreal? permit your scholars come to a decision. the folk, locations, and issues in those tale collections diversity from the ordinary to the preposterous, from cree py to completely terrifying, from the abnormal to the grim. but, all are in accordance with eyewitness debts or the cast scholarship of significant investigators.

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They believe that megaliths are guides to help spacecraft land safely on Earth. C. At that time, the wheel had not yet been invented. We have trouble imagining how early people carried these stones over such a distance. However they did it, it was an amazing feat! And we still don’t know why the megaliths were built. Some of them seem to have been temples. Others were tombs. Many megaliths show signs that people and animals were once sacrificed there. Even today, visitors claim to feel energy from a megalith.

30 A DREAM COMES TRUE On May 7, 1915, Marion Holbourne of London, England, fell asleep in an easy chair. She dreamed that she was on a ship that was leaning sharply to one side. It was sinking! Passengers were scrambling to get into lifeboats. In her dream Mrs. Holbourne wasn’t afraid—for herself. But she was very frightened for her husband. She couldn’t find him anywhere. She stopped a young officer—a fellow with brown eyes and blond hair. She asked if he’d seen her husband. “He’s fine,” the officer said.

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