British Muslim Fictions: Interviews with Contemporary by C. Chambers

By C. Chambers

Through interviews with top writers (including Ahdaf Soueif and Hanif Kureishi), this ebook analyzes the writing and critiques of novelists of Muslim historical past established within the united kingdom. dialogue centres on writers' paintings, literary recommendations, and impacts, and on their perspectives of such matters because the hijab, the struggle on terror and the Rushdie Affair.

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In Pakistan, we call such writers darbaris, or courtiers. We must break this tradition of praising the master or mistress with what they want to hear, so that's why I strongly 47 British Muslim Fictions insist on this method, as do many others. The other side of this coin is, of course, an empty narcissism. CC: You seem to be pushing against the individualistic autobiographies of 'Naughty' Lateef, and against the trend you mentioned earlier of memoirs about apparently oppressed Muslim women. ' I responded that Muslim women may not have the same rights that men have.

These thinkers meet again in Plato's hyperreal painting triptych, alongside other influential figures that lurk behind the novels, including james joyce's Stephen Dedalus, and South Asian poets, Sahir Ludhianvi, Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah, and Shah Hussain. The triptych, with its three panels, 'Fatherland', 'The Obscure Soul of the World', and 'My Life', is a satisfying artistic representation of Ali's three major themes: the ongoing destruction of Pakistan, world politics, and auto/biography. CC: In an email to me, you responded to this book's structuring principle of interviewing writers of Muslim heritage 40 Tariq Ali by saying that you have always resisted being stereotyped as anything but cosmopolitan.

The complexities have to be understood. When women, fed up with Islamophobic rantings and bans, especially in France and Turkey, decide to wear hijab to be oppositional: personally, 1 would advise them not to, but I defend their right to do so. I also denounce the imposition of the hijab in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, because the state has no right to tell people how they should dress, for God's sake. CC: Your term 'the belligerati', 45 is used to describe writers who play on Islamophobic stereotypes, such as Martin Amis, John Updike, and Salman Rushdie.

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