Budgeting & Banking Math (Practical Math in Context) by Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

By Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

It will be important for college students to appreciate the significance of dealing with cash. This publication contains real-life events that educate the accountability of organizing funds and different very important banking talents. Grades 6-12.

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He makes no more purchases with his credit card. At the end of each month he pays $75. 0% monthly interest on his unpaid balance. Budgeting & Banking 45 Unit 4 • Credit Card Budgeting a. Does he save money by buying the saxophone on sale with his credit card? b. What is the difference between what he pays and the regular price? Answer: a. ______ (Yes/No). Louie ____________ (saves/does not save) money by buying the saxophone with his credit card. b. The difference is $____________. 2. All*Insured charges Alton $1,596 per year, or $140 per month for car insurance.

Make 13 (or more) sets of four cards for different percent values. Make 2 wild cards. 2 Make two wild cards: Unit 4 • Credit Card Budgeting 44 Budgeting & Banking Lesson 3 Example Paying by Credit Card Denna charges her new bicycle on her credit card. The bike is on sale for $175. ) She makes no more purchases with her credit card. At the end of each month she pays $40. 5% monthly interest on the unpaid balance. Does she save money by buying the bike on sale with her credit card? Solve Step 1: Underline the sentences that tell you what Denna pays for the bike and what she pays at the end of each month.

Answer: ______________________________________________________ 3. Tyson pays $85 to get his truck towed to the nearest repair shop. The shop keeps the truck for 2 days, and charges him $150 to make the repair. A rental car would cost about $45 per day. Tyson has insurance to cover the cost of a rental car, but not to cover towing. How much does the problem with his truck cost him per day? 50 C $235 D $280 4. On the coldest day of the year, Verity’s furnace breaks. The repair costs her $520. Verity’s emergency fund has $350 in it.

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