California Mathematics: Concepts, Skills, and Problem by Rhonda J. Moix-Bailey, Roger Day, Patricia Frey

By Rhonda J. Moix-Bailey, Roger Day, Patricia Frey

Quantity operations Rational & actual Numbers styles: Relationships & Algebraic pondering Geometry & Measurements Algebraic pondering: Linear & non-Linear services Statics: facts research & likelihood

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A sentence that compares two different quantities is called an inequality. Inequalities contain symbols like < and >. -5 is less than 4. -5 < 4 4 > -5 4 is greater than -5. Lesson 1-3 Integers and Absolute Value 35 Compare Integers 1 Replace the ● with < or > to make -2 ● -4 a true sentence. Graph each integer on a number line.            Since -2 is to the right of -4, -2 > -4. Replace each ● with < or > to make a true sentence. a. -3 ● 2 b. -5 ● -6 c. -1 ● 1 The distance between a number and 0 on a number line is called its absolute value.

Com • Study Guide and Review at the end of each chapter 14 Start Smart John Evans Start Smart Let’s Get Started Use the Scavenger Hunt below to learn where things are located in each chapter. 1. What is the title of Chapter 1? 2. How can you tell what you’ll learn in Lesson 1-1? 3. In the margin of Lesson 1-2, there is a Vocabulary Link. What can you learn from that feature? 4. What is the key concept presented in Lesson 1-2? 5. ” Name a situation that uses the concepts from Lesson 1-3. 6. How many examples are presented in Lesson 1-3?

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