Caring and Killing: Nursing and Psychiatric Practice in by Thomas Foth

By Thomas Foth

Below the Nazi regime in Germany a calculated killing of persistent "mentally unwell" sufferers happened. Nurses carried out this application of their daily perform. even if, suspicions were raised that psychiatric sufferers have been additionally assassinated earlier than and after the Nazi regime, suggesting that the factors for those killings has to be investigated inside psychiatric perform itself. This booklet highlights the mechanisms and clinical discourses in position that allowed nurses to understand sufferers as unworthy of lifestyles. This learn analyzes sufferer files as "inscriptions" that actively intrude in interactions in associations and that create a particular fact all alone accord. The query isn't really even if the truth represented in the files is correct, yet fairly how records labored in associations and what their results have been. it truly is proven how nurses have been actively excited about the development of sufferers' identities and the way those "documentary identities" resulted in the dying of millions of people.

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3 Aktion Brandt evolved from 1941 onwards. Officially known as disaster medicine, it polarized the scientific community around the question of whether or not nurses and physicians had intentionally assassinated patients in hospitals. Suspicions were raised that they were killing psychiatric patients in order to obtain hospital beds for physically injured war victims. From the summer of 1942 on, the escalating air war and the disaster management needed to care for war victims, which was initially the responsibility of regional offices, became reasons for the deportation and subsequent murder of patients.

60. 11 Other centralized plans were also carried out. 13 Ultimately another 1,000 people who were classified as “criminal mentally ill persons” and who were interned in psychiatric asylums according to paragraph 42 of the criminal code, became victims of the “extermination through working” program in different concentration camps. Even in European countries raided by Germany, mentally ill persons were killed. After its annexation, Poland, for example, became an experimental field for murders that paralleled the preparations of Aktion T4, and at least 20,000 Polish psychiatric patients were shot, gassed, or starved to death.

Disciplinary power functioned by measuring and, either explicitly or implicitly, evaluating the behavior of individuals according to a norm, and an aberration from this norm could be either registered or sanctioned. ”77 In the motherhouse, the barracks-like accommodation enabled an all-embracing surveillance of the deaconesses that included their behavior inside and outside of work. Fliedner conceived of a strict regulation; not only was the worker’s performance controlled but also her daily routine.

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