Chaos (The Lost Books, Book 4) (The Books of History by Ted Dekker

By Ted Dekker

A last quest and an final betrayal. Deep within the mountains of Romania stands a castle, and deep inside of that fort lies a chamber. In that chamber, ruling the useless for over thousand years, lives one Shataiki bat immediately from the bowels of the Black wooded area. He seeks the ultimate Books of historical past with which he'll smash the realm. yet there are 4 who stand within the manner. the selected are trapped in a brand new international of excessive expertise and guns of mass destruction. in the course of chaos, they need to locate the final booklet prior to the darkish one could during this ultimate try out to avoid wasting the realm.

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She smiled, and they kissed yet again. A thumping sound joined her heart, like a muted drum in the sky. The sound jerked her back to earth. " They scrambled to the top of the knoll on their right and saw the source of the beating—a bird or flying car, moving across the horizon slowly, shining a light onto the road they'd traveled. Lights from cars racing toward the city stretched out along the big road beyond. " she said. " 40 CHAOS Johnis spun and raced back to the car. " She slid into the seat next to him and turned the lamps off.

A dozen Chevys had stopped under them as if facing an invisible wall. "Johnis . . " he cried. "We can't stop; the hunters are gaining. Find a hole, tell me . . " His intense concentration stopped him, but she knew that he was right. They were in a Horde city from the Histories, being hounded by two warriors or hunters who undoubtedly meant to kill them. If they were to survive and go after the books . . " The opening was narrow, between two cars, and she couldn't see beyond, but it was the only gap she could see.

She jabbed her finger at the building to the right. "Watch the stable. Don't run into the hill! " Johnis shouted. " The man was on top of them, banging his palm on the window, cursing obscenely in words that made no sense to Silvie— but she understood the language of his red face clearly enough. He used the shotgun again, jolting them both. " They were going no faster to escape this monster than if they'd taken a leisurely stroll. " Johnis leaned back, took a quick look at the levers on the floor, then pressed one with his foot.

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