Charity and Mutual Aid in Europe and North America since by Bernard Harris, Paul Bridgen

By Bernard Harris, Paul Bridgen

Foreign in point of view, the essays during this quantity are essentially fascinated about two facets of the combined economic system of welfare--charity and mutual relief. Emphasizing the shut dating among those parts and the usually blurred limitations among every one of them and advertisement provision, contributors raise an important questions on the connection among rights and tasks in the combined economic system of welfare and the binds which bind either the donors and recipients of charity and the participants of voluntary organisations. The quantity severely assesses the relationships among the statutory and voluntary sectors in a number of nationwide settings, together with Britain, the U.S., the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Canada, and Germany over the past 200 and fifty years, making the publication as topical because it is important.

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However, others believed that some form of public welfare provision was essential, partly because of the practical obstacles that stood in the way of complete abolition and partly Charity and Poor Relief in England and Wales, Circa 1750–1914 23 because there was no guarantee that a purely voluntary system of social welfare would necessarily be fairer. ”28 The anonymous editor of the second edition of Joseph Townsend’s Dissertation on the Poor Laws thought that nothing “could be more unwise . .

70 Although the responsibilities of the Poor Law Board were transferred to the Local Government Board in 1871, the Goschen Minute helped to lay the foundations for a more far-reaching change in Poor Law policy during the 1870s. In December 1871, the Local Government Board issued a circular (no. 20) prohibiting the distribution of outdoor relief to single able-bodied men and women, to women whose husbands had deserted them for less than twelve months, and to able-bodied widows with only a single dependent child.

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