Chest Wall Deformities and Corrective Procedures by Shyam Kolvekar, Hans Pilegaard

By Shyam Kolvekar, Hans Pilegaard

​This e-book discusses predominantly pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum, its edition and the remedy modalities to be had, together with minimally invasive surgical procedure. it will support to extend understanding of the to be had remedies to medical professionals and healthcare staff yet also will aid trainee cardiac and thoracic surgeons. it's also a necessary reference e-book for these already practicing.

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Moreover, even though thoracic indexes can be used to evaluate any chest wall malformation they are commonly employed to study Pectus Excavatum (PE) patients. The objective of this chapter is to review this topic and to report the results and observations from a web-based survey. K. K. 1007/978-3-319-23968-2_7 35 M. Martinez-Ferro 36 Definition Basically a thoracic index is formula employed to characterize a set of data obtained from thoracic (basically anterior chest wall and cardiac) measurements.

Derveaux et al. [7] proposed three Chest-X-Ray indexes. The LVI (age dependent) was measured at the xiphisternal junction and calculated by BC/AC. The UVI (age independent) was measured at the sternomanubrial junction and calculated by EF/ DF. The Configuration Index (ConI) was the result of the ratio between DE/AB where DE and AB are the sagittal anteroposterior diameter of the back side of the sternum to the front side of the vertebral body, at the xiphisternal and sternomanubrial junctions, respectively.

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