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According to the lectures, the upshot is that […] there is a limit to the finiteness of our powers of observation and the smallness of the accompanying disturbance – a limit which is inherent in the nature of things and can never be surpassed by an improved technique or increased skill on the part of the observer. There is thus an essential indeterminacy in the quantum theory, of a kind that has no analogue in the classical theory. This indeterminacy can be said to have its basis in the wave properties of matter, and is therefore unavoidable.

28 As is well known, Hume assumed that the idea of a necessary connexion must therefore rest on a psychological mechanism: ‘habit’ is at work. That ‘A causes B’ always is thus neither logical nor verifiable save for a finite number of cases. Therefore, how could we derive a general law, covering a potentially infinite number of cases, from a finite number of cases? This is the problem of induction as uncovered by Hume, “the problem of justifying an inference from the past to the future” (p. 29 Again, there is no contradiction to be inferred from supposing false generalisations such as ‘All swans are white’, so they are not logical and they are never completely verified either.

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