Coaching for Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to by Bob Wall

By Bob Wall

For managers, training for functionality and for emotional intelligence are various things. yet that doesn’t suggest they exist in numerous worlds. functionality is only one a part of an employee’s total improvement as a certified and as a pace-setter — improvement which is dependent upon the employee’s emotional intelligence and the power of the chief to inspire and elevate it.Coaching for Emotional Intelligence presents a gently deliberate technique to aid managers tackle such elements as character characteristics, communications types, and private behaviors — the fragile matters that make training for EI more difficult than training for functionality alone.The booklet can assist readers believe convinced and happy with delicate, frequently own concerns that come up in handling and constructing subordinates, and may speed up the improvement of high-potential staff and destiny leaders. Logical, appropriate, and lifelike, training for Emotional Intelligence makes this usually elusive topic basic to understand — and straightforward to nurture in any office.

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Empathy might best be defined as the capacity to understand how individuals and groups interpret the events affect- ................. 16048$ $CH1 06-22-06 14:36:43 PS PAGE 20 21 U N D E R S TA N D I N G E M O T I O N A L I N T E L L I G E N C E ing their lives and how their emotional reactions to these events color the meaning that these events have for them. T h e I n n e r Wo r l d o f E m p a t h y To develop empathy, we must care about the experiences, feelings, needs, and wants of the people around us.

This means helping people see and own their strengths as well as revealing blind spots in their self-perception. These are behaviors and personal characteristics that serve to limit their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Typically, people do not see these defects in themselves, even though they are often painfully obvious to everyone who works with and for them. Expanding self-awareness includes becoming more aware of our feelings and how they drive our behavior. We must also become more aware of the values, beliefs, and assumptions that shape our view of the world and our place in it.

Remember that what you ultimately want to craft is a statement of mission or purpose that touches the heart and defines the ultimate meaning of the work you do. That you have to make a profit is a given. If you don’t, your company won’t be around long to make its unique contribution to making a better world. You want your unit’s mission statement to appeal to that part in most of us that wants to know that what we do is important, meaningful, and inspiring. While ‘‘shareholder value’’ is a critical business measure, it is not particularly exciting to get out of bed in the morning to go make money for your stockholders or private owners.

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