Colonial America: Biographies, Volume 2 by Peggy; Carnagie, Julie Saari

By Peggy; Carnagie, Julie Saari

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Lying between the British and the Spanish was a wilderness frontier. The British proposed to establish Georgia on the frontier, then build forts that would give colonies to the north protection against the Spanish. For military reasons African slavery, which was a vital part of the South Carolina economy, would not be permitted in Georgia. In addition, rum could not be sold to Native Americans by traders in the colony. These prohibitions would later cause problems for Oglethorpe. Starts colony Oglethorpe and his trustees received generous funding for the Georgia colony—sizable private contributions were supplemented by 10,000 pounds (a sum of British money) from Parliament.

Numerous other works remained in manuscript (unpublished) form upon his death. 210 Colonial America: Biographies Encourages smallpox inoculation During this time Mather pursued other wide-ranging scientific interests. He wrote about fossils, astronomy, mathematics, zoology, entomology (a branch of zoology that deals with insects), ornithology (a branch of zoology dealing with birds), and botany (the study of plants). Like other clergymen, he studied and practiced medicine as an amateur. In his autobiography he explained that his attraction to medicine resulted from his own hypochondria (having imagined illnesses).

By fall England had declared war on Spain, and the following spring Oglethorpe mounted an attack on St. Augustine. Although he succeeded in capturing three Spanish forts, he was not able to seize St. Augustine itself.

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