Cosmetic Lipids and the Skin Barrier by Thomas Forster

By Thomas Forster

Concentrating on new biophysical and analytical tools that could examine lipid prestige and the advance of epidermis , this reference offers crucial quantitative details at the interplay of topically utilized lipids with epidermis barrier lipids. Containing contributions from across the world well-known experts and over a thousand references, drawings, photos, and tables, it explores how diversified lipid types functionality in beauty formulations and at the pores and skin. assurance contains the chemistry, constitution, and organic features of epidermis lipids and their interplay with the lipids formulated into dermis and hair care arrangements

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The composition of these mixtures varied systematically. Small- and wide-angle x-ray diffraction studies were performed. The small-angle x-ray diffraction curve of an equimolar mixture prepared from CHOL and pigCER at a pH of 5 is provided in Figure 3 [57]. In the x-ray pattern, the presence of a large number of sharp peaks was noticed. 2 nm. 68 Figure 3 The small-angle x-ray diffraction curves of the 1 :1 CHOL :CER and 1 :1 :1 CHOL :CER:FFA lipid mixtures. 8 nm for the equimolar CHOL :CER and CHOL:CER :FFA mixtures, respectively).

The importance of lipids for water uptake in stratum corneum. Int J Cosmet Sci 1990; 12:5–12. 27. Motta S, Monti M, Mellesi L, Ghidoni R, Caputo R. Abnormality of water barrier function in psoriasis: role of ceramide fractions. Arch Dermatol 1994; 130:452–456. 28. Lavrijsen APM, Higounenc IM, Weerheim A, Oestmann E, Tuinenburg EE, Bodde´ HE, Ponec M. Validation of an in vivo extraction method for human stratum corneum ceramides. Arch Dermatol Res 1994; 286:495–503. 29. Holleran W, Mao-Qiang M, Gao WN, Menon GK, Elias PM, Feingold KR.

In these publications it was reported that liposomes applied to skin of white rabbits in vivo favored the disposition of drugs in the epidermis and dermis, whereas the amount of drug found in the various organs was reduced. Although in these studies it was strongly suggested that vesicles penetrated the skin, this suggestion was received with a lot of skepticism. After Structure of SC Lipid Layers and Interactions with Lipid Liposomes 49 the first papers by Mezei and Gulasekharam, a large number of studies were carried out, a description of which will be provided below.

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