Courageous Teens by Michael Catt,Amy Parker

By Michael Catt,Amy Parker

The govt manufacturer of field place of work hit brave introduces scholars to brave women and men of the Bible (Abraham, Ruth, Paul, etc.) in order that their very own religion should be enlivened this day.

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Pastor Rogers, Courageous I love the women of Courageous. The wives, Victoria Mitchell (Renee Jewell), Carmen Martinez (Angelita Nelson), and Kayla Hayes (Eleanor Brown), represent women who are facing various crises of faith. In each family, there are situations and circumstances that test them and tempt them to fear. But you—well, you’re just a teenager, right? You have no real reason to fear. You have no family to support, no groceries to buy, no children to raise. . Right? Absolutely, without a doubt .

Who’s going to take care of me? What if no one likes me? Where will I live? Will I ever be happy again? But they didn’t. They took one small step of faith at a time and stood firm against fear. Through faith, Esther saved the Jews from annihilation, and Joseph rescued his family from famine. Ruth became part of the lineage of Christ, and Rose has led countless Navajo people to Christ. These young people not only had happy endings to their own stories, but they also changed the course of life for so many of those around them.

When God called Abraham, Abraham moved. He didn’t ask for details, look for perks, or negotiate. He just got up and got going. God’s call is not a vacation; it’s our vocation. It’s time to get going. We can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. We must hear God and follow hard after Him. In the church that I pastor, I get reenergized when I see young people making great strides in their walk of faith. One young man came to me and said, “It encourages my generation to see your passion. ” They don’t stop at being good church members; they want to reach out beyond those four walls and make a difference with their lives.

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