Creating Heaven on Earth: The Psychology of Experiencing by Paul Marcus

By Paul Marcus

How does one most sensible style an "internal" global, a private identification, that creates the stipulations of mental threat to recognize immortality, that just about magical Infinite-conceived as something-outside-everything, God, or the Other-from daily dwelling? The artwork of dwelling the "good life"-following Freud, certainly one of deep and vast love, inventive and effective paintings, person who is guided through cause and ethics and is aesthetically pleasing-requires skillful attunement to those gorgeous presences in daily life.

Lodged in a psychoanalytic sensibility, and drawing from historical and smooth spiritual and religious knowledge, this ebook offers the main points, conceptual buildings and internal meanings of 4 simply obtainable, daily actions: gardening, specially the creations of British horticulturist and backyard dressmaker, Gertrud Jekyll; baseball spectatorship; espresso consuming; song listening and storytelling (i.e., in expert storytelling, baby research, encountering a "charming" individual, and in love and friendship).

It additionally indicates tips to top have interaction those actions, to consecrate the standard in a fashion that issues to experiential transcendence, or what the writer calls "glimpsing immortality," a center element of the artwork of residing the "good life".

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The garden as a manifestation of “Mother Nature” is not simply immanent matter, though the garden earth, like all earth, has “a stable presence and thereness” (O’Donohue, 1998, p. 101). In addition, it is a manifestation of Eros, a “luminous and numinous presence that ha[s] depth, possibility and beauty”. The garden, in other words, caresses human presence and thus evokes a soulful “erotic charge” that calls to mind a mystical, divine, or eternal presence (O’Donohue, 1997, pp. 76, 100–101, 131).

Birds and cats and other animals are primal companions; they have a fluency of presence that is graceful and beautiful (O’Donohue, 2004, pp. 118–119, 245). Presence can be thought of as “the ‘soul texture’ of the person”, and, more generally, the way a person’s or thing’s individuality or otherness engages or strikes you (O’Donohue, 1997, p. 135). One only has to think of venerated Saint Francis of Assisi, the saint of animals and the environment. Legend has it that one morning, as he was journeying with some friends, they came upon a location in the road where chirping birds packed the trees on both sides.

20). For 30 “Take time to smell the roses” example, one must accept impotence in directly determining a successful outcome, like a plant’s trajectory to fruit, not with anxiety or sadness, but with equanimity, because this is the way “Mother Nature” has prescribed the parameters of the plant/human encounter. Therefore, as Alan Watts said, wu-wei is better translated as “don’t force it”. Wu-wei does not mean complete passivity, whether inside or outside the garden, but rather it is the development of a suitable sensibility for every situation.

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