Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick

By Liz Maverick

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The werewolf jangled some coins in his pocket, and Cyd had to admit the offer of payment was tempting. The only thing she had in her pockets was a fucking demon souvenir. She rested her chin on her palm. "Wish I could. I have amnesia," she said matter-of-factly. Tajo leaned forward, very conspiratorial-like, the corner of his mouth turning up in a smile. " Cyd calmly pulled a paper napkin from a rusty holder and wiped her mouth. She leaned forward. "Because it's limited amnesia. " "Yes. I do.

Blood was streaming from the man's nose and lip. "It's just me! I'm working with someone, but they just know they want the mech that killed those vampire leaders, the Dumonts. They don't know who you are. I swear. I didn't say who you were. It's the only way I could guarantee they wouldn't take the job themselves. Dude, you gotta believe me. I swear I'll forget the whole thing if you let me go. " Finn gently pushed down the hunter's face and tightened his grip around the man's neck. " "A month ago I was tailing this guy.

Cyd. Cydney. The name seemed vaguely familiar, but he had no context for it. "I asked where you been," Bosco growled. Cyd swallowed and seemed to gain a little composure. She was still on edge, but it clearly wasn't the weapons, wasn't Bosco. She kept looking over her shoulder at the door, at the streetlights from outside glaring full force through the door frame. Wherever she'd been, it was apparently more unnerving than here. In the eerie silence and faintly swirling dust, the girl put her palms flat on the counter, Bosco's gun still at her throat, and pushed forward so that the muzzle bored into her flesh.

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