Dungeon World by Sage Kobold Productions

By Sage Kobold Productions

Combining high-action dungeon crawling with state-of-the-art ideas, Dungeon global is a roleplaying online game of delusion experience. You and your mates will discover a land of magic and risk within the roles of adventurers looking for status, gold, and glory.

Dungeon World’s ideas are effortless to profit and continually force the motion ahead in unforeseen methods. A overlooked roll isn't a lifeless end—failure introduces new complexities and problems. existence as an adventurer is tough and unsafe yet it’s by no means boring!

Designed to be prepared so you might hack, remix, and construct new content material, Dungeon international contains structures for altering every little thing to fit your staff together with developing new races, sessions, and monsters.

To play, you’ll want this rulebook, 3–5 gamers, a few polyhedral cube, and 2–4 hours.

Explore fable experience roleplaying in a complete new manner with Dungeon global!

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They take no particular pleasure in harming others, but will do it if it is justified by their situation. Those that put an ideal—be it Law, Chaos, Good, or Evil—above themselves are harder to find. Even two creatures of the same alignment can come into conflict. Aspiring to help others does not grant infallibility, two Good creatures may fight and die over two different views of how to do right. Changing Alignment Alignment can, and will, change. Usually such a change comes about as a gradual move toward a decisive moment.

Hirelings are not heroes. A hireling may become a hero, as a replacement character, but until that time they’re just another GM character. As such their exact HP, armor, and damage aren’t particularly important. A hireling is defined by their Skill (or Skills) a Cost and a Loyalty score. A hireling’s skill is a special benefit they provide to the players. Most skills are related to class abilities, allowing a hireling to fill in for a certain class. If you don’t have a ranger but you need to track the assassin’s route out of Torsea anyway, you need a Tracker.

Assign these scores to your stats: 16, 15, 13, 12, 9, 8. Start by looking over the basic moves and the starting moves for your class. Pick out the move that interests you the most: something you’ll be doing a lot, or something that you excel at. Put a 16 in the stat for that move. Look over the list again and pick out the next most important move to your character, maybe something that supports your first choice. Put your 15 in the stat for that move. Repeat this process for your remaining scores: 13, 12, 9, 8.

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