Ego and Self: The Old Testament Prophets (Studies in Jungian by Edward F. Edinger

By Edward F. Edinger

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The Jewish education he received was rudimentary. However, he did have a Bar Mitzvah. And one of the presents he received on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah, at the age of thirteen, was a book of Jewish legends. In it he read about the coming of the Messiah, whose arrival is awaited daily by many Jews. And many years later he described the reaction he had to reading about that, for it really had captured his imagination. He says, "In the depth of my soul it seems that the legend continued to expand, though I was unaware of it.

The three chief images I want to talk about, really different aspects of the same core image, are the image of the Day of Yahweh, the image of the righteous remnant that survives the Day of Yahweh, and the image of the Messiah and the Messianic banquet that is part of the coming of the Messiah. The Day of Yahweh In other translations that don't use the divine name it is "The Day of the Lord," or sometimes it's called "That Day," because it is the day of days. We have a vivid account of "That Day" in the second chapter of Isaiah, starting with the tenth verse.

How is our own life and suffering ever to attain the dignity of expressing significance for our community, culture or historical period? We live in a time of me, me and more me. We are obsessed with ourselves and seek to acquire more of what we already are so as to defend against the increasingly crushing brutality of a world that is at best callous and amoral. " But as the Old Testament prophets have shown and as Edinger reinterprets, it is just possible that the world we feel so adversarial toward is also part of us, and thatin factwe've got it all wrong.

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