Egyptian-Indian Nationalist Collaboration and the British by Noor-Aiman I. Khan (auth.)

By Noor-Aiman I. Khan (auth.)

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Fearing that he was planning an uprising on the fiftieth anniversary of the Indian (or Sepoy) Mutiny of 1857, the Government of India deported Rai without trial to Burma in 1907, setting off a storm of protest from within India and abroad. 3 India House was managed in his absence by his protégé Vinayek Damodar Savarkar4 and remained closely tied to Krishnavarma philosophically as well as financially until the aftermath of the Curzon-Wylie assassination. Also remembered as Veer Savarkar, this talented poet and Sanskritist had begun his anti-British activities at an early age.

Thus, Mustapha Kamil founded the Nationalist Party (al-Hizb al-Watani) the moment it became legal to do so and al-Liwa became the Party’s official organ. English and French versions of the paper were founded within the year, indicating how much Kamil recognized the need for European support. 54 Despite the fact that these groups were by far the minority of Egypt’s population, they were the ones with the most financial and political power and the main source of funds for the nationalist movement.

9 These factors would have made Egypt important to Europe even if it was not a strategic path for the British to take on their way to India. The Suez Canal was the lifeline of the British Empire, essential to connect London with India and other Eastern dominions and spheres of influence. The popular adage was that as long as India mattered to London, London would matter to Egypt. 1879–1892). What had begun as a demonstration of military officers protesting pay cuts and promotion decisions grew into a widespread uprising in 1881.

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