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Книга представляет важные понятия человеческой биологии, используя средства визуализации, что позволяет соединиться науке с эмоциональным состоянием человека, облегчает восприятие ее ключевых понятий, увидеть роль человека в окружающей среде. Медицинские профессионалы оценят этот визуальный и краткий подход.

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In addition, oncoproteins that are produced as a result of chromosomal translocations in leukemias are known to depend on HDAC targeting for action; compounds that force a release of HDAC from these chimeric proteins are successfully used in clinical practice to treat certain forms of leukemia. An interesting property of HDACs is their tendency to occur in large, multisubunit complexes. For example, as originally discovered in the laboratory of A. Wolffe, and subsequently by the laboratories of S.

And Wolffe, A. P. (2001). “A necessary food; Nuclear hormone receptors and their chromatin templates,” Mol. Endo. 15, 1–16. Wolffe, A. P. (1998). “Chromatin Structure and Function,” Academic Press, San Diego, CA. Wolffe, A. , and Hayes, J. J. (1999). “Chromatin disruption and modification,” Nucleic Acids Res. 27, 711–720. Wolffe, A. , and Matzke, M. A. (1999). “Epigenetics: Regulation through repression,” Science 286, 481–486. P1: GPB Final Pages Qu: 00, 00, 00, 00 Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology EN004L-956 June 9, 2001 21:7 DNA Testing in Forensic Science Moses S.

In fact, GR and several other members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily can bind to nucleosomes in vitro—this is quite an achievement, considering the extensive steric hindrance exerted by the nucleosome ( an example of such binding to nucleosomes by the thyroid hormone receptor is shown in Fig. 13). In addition, T. Archer and colleagues demonstrated that a human homolog of the budding yeast SWI/SNF complex is required for transcriptional activation of MMTV by GR. A central conclusion of this analysis is that bona fide transcriptional control of this promoter cannot be recapitulated on naked DNA, and that the infrastructure of chromatin is integrated into the transcriptional regulatory pathways affecting MMTV.

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