Epithelial Transport: A guide to methods and experimental by Simon A. Lewis (auth.), Nancy K. Wills PhD, Luis Reuss MD,

By Simon A. Lewis (auth.), Nancy K. Wills PhD, Luis Reuss MD, Simon A. Lewis PhD (eds.)

Building from common ideas, the authors basically clarify the basic position of epithelia in plasma electrolyte and water stability. Emphasis is put on experimental techniques and method. A accomplished thesaurus of phrases is included.

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Overview Potassium channels in epithelia serve three important functions: 1. They generate a cell interior negative potential as a consequence of the high intracellular [K+] compared with the extracellular fluid [K+]. This function contributes to the electrical driving force for transport of other ions. 2. They provide a route for transepithelial K+ absorption or secretion. The net direction of this transport will depend on the net electrochemical driving force for this ion (Chapter 7). 1 Subunits of the mammalian amiloride-sensitive Na+ channel.

This group of transporters can generate transmembrane H+ concentration ratios greater than 106• The pump is inhibited by omeprazole. Distribution and regulation The enzyme is expressed in the tubulovesicular system and the apical membrane of the parietal cells of the gastric epithelium. Stimulation of the parietal cell with agonists results in translocation of H+,K+-ATPase molecules from tubulovesicular (intracellular) structures to the apical membrane domain, as well as in increased apical membrane conductance for both K+ and Cl-, which could result from activation and/ or insertion of channels.

M. (1993) The intestinal Na+ /glucose cotransporter. Ann. Rev. Physiol. 55:575--89. M. and Turk, E. (1992) Sodium cotransport proteins. Curro Opin. Cell BioI. 4:696-702. S. (1994) Calcium channels. Curro Opin. in Nephrology & Hypertension 3(5):497-503. 5. G. (1994) Primary structure and functional properties of an epithelial K channel. Am. J. Physiol. 266:CB09-CB24. 3 Epithelial polarity M. G. R. Garcia-Villegas, L. Gonzalez-Mariscal and J. e. the amount of a given substance that crosses in one direction (lumen to blood, or blood to lumen) is usually orders of magnitude larger than in the opposite one.

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