Essays on Politics and Society (Collected works of John by John Stuart Mill

By John Stuart Mill

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His proposal to protect the v_ews of minorities through the cumulative vote became obsolete a month after the publication of Thoughts on Parliamentary Reform, with the appearance of Thomas Hate's Election of Representatives, Hare's book. discussed below, promptl) convinced Mill. In March 1859 he enthusiastically wrote to its author: "You appear to mc to have exactlx, and for the first time, solved the difficulty of popular representation: and by doing so, to have raised up the cloud of gloom and uncertainty which hung over the futurity of representative government and therefore of civilization.

He looked to concrete political experiments as a guide. Writing on the eve of the Civil War he thought that American federalism had already achieved something valuable in limiting the tyranny of majorities, protecting territorial groups, and creating a judicial arbiter supreme over all the governments, both state and federal, and able to declare invalid any law made by them in violation of the constitution. The Government of Dependencies Mill's chapter on the rule of dependencies draws on his life-long interest in colonies and empire.

In his Plea for the Constitution ,Austin displayed a hostility to further parliamentary' reform in the conviction that it was likely to destroy the delicate balance of the existing constitution and the appropriate attitudes of mind which facilitated its operation. The constitution, he believed. ::'See H. J. Hanham. Elcct_ons and Part_ Management Polittc_ ipz th_ Ttmc ot Disraeli and Gladston_ ILondon: Longmans. 1959): Charles Seymour. he Development and Operation o{ the Parhamentar\" Franchise.

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