Etymological Dictionary of the Iranian Verb by Cheung, J.

By Cheung, J.

This paintings provides a severe survey of all verbs attested in Proto-Iranian in accordance with its descendants. it really is observed via a severe research of the morphology and provenance

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11); Perf. : perf. pass. : IND. 1sg. BMP /bwlcym/ burzēm, 3pl. BMP /bwlcynd/ burzēnd, IMPV. 2pl. : perf. pass. : IND. 3pl. xbwrzynd •KHOTANESE: OKh. bulj- ‘to honour’. ◊ The meaning of Khot. aurī a, ori a is not ‘desirous, eager, agreed’ (DKS: 47b), but rather *‘attented (by), intent (upon), abhiyukta’ and may derive from *Ą-fras- ‘to inform’ (**fras/prs), on which see SGS: 102 Skjærvø, SVK III: 37. •SOGDIAN: SSogd. r s, BSogd. r s ‘to congratulate, felicitate’ || (+ *Ą-) SSogd. ’’rync- ‘to refine’ ?

Balysga- ‘high’, OKh. bulysa- ‘long’ •SOGDIAN: BSogd. rz’y, MSogd. rzyy ‘long’, BSogd. rzkw, MSogd. rzqwyy ‘length’, CSogd. brzy ‘loud’ •CHORESMIAN: Πk ‘long’ •NWIR: NP bĄlĄ ‘height’, NP buland ‘high, tall’, Bal. burz, Tal. barz, Kurd. barz, Zaz. berz ‘high’, Kurd. ) bi ind ‘high, enormous’ •NEIR: Oss. bærzond ‘high, height’, Sh. ), Rosh. vz, Bart. vz, Yzgh. v z, Yi. vä , Yghn. vann, Pash. , Ishk. )’. ◊ Oss. I. æmbærzyn/æmbærzt, D. , fn. 6a, is unconnected, on account of the semantic discrepancies.

Paul 1998: 292a; Steblin-Kamenskij 1999: 102; Vahman – Asatrian 2002: 25; Lecoq 2002: 122, 125, 132 (passim); ESIJa II: 172 f. *bramH ? ‘to wander, roam’ •AVESTAN: YAv. ’ ◊ The interpretation of hapax YAv. 34 is extremely difficult, on which see Henning 1940: 509 (*bram- ‘to cry, weep’), Hintze 1994: 193f. (*bram- ‘to roam, wander’ = Skt. bhrami-) and Kellens 1984: 104 (the identity of the root is not specified). e. *barH ‘to move rapidly’, also Humbach – Ichaporia 1998: 111. Liste: 40 Pres. : INJ.

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