Evolutionary and Genetic Biology of Primates by John Buettner-Janusch

By John Buettner-Janusch

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Wroughtoni (Lyon 1913) Dendrogale (Gray 1848) frenata (Gray 1860) murina (Schlegel & Müller 1843) melanura (Thomas 1892) melanura (Thomas 1892) baluensis (Lyon 1913) Tana (Lyon 1913) . tana (Raffles 1821) tana (Raffles 1821) besara (Lyon 1913) bunoae (Miller 1900) sirhassenensis (Miller 1901) tuancus (Lyon 1913) utara (Lyon 1913) cervicalis (Miller 1903) cervicalis (Miller 1903) masae (Lyon 1913) chrysura (Günther 1876) Möllendorfs tupaia Montane tupaia Nicobar tupaia Palawan Island tupaia Great painted tupaia Little painted tupaia Indian Madras Northeast Indian Bombay Mountain Cambodian .

L. S. Müller 1766) edwardsi (Bouvier 1879) faustus (Thomas 1910) ibeanus (Thomas 1910) ju-ju (Thomas 1910) Subfamily GALAGINAE (Mivart 1864) Galago ( E . GeofTroy 1796) aUeni (Waterhouse 1837) crassicaudatus ( E . GeofTroy 1812) crassicaudatus ( E . Geoffroy 1812) agisymbanus (Coquerel 1859) argentatus (Lönnberg 1913) garnetti (Ogilby 1838) kikuyuensis (Lönnberg 1912) lasiotis (Peters 1876) lonnbergi (Schwarz 1930) monteiri (Gray 1863) panganiensis (Matschie 1906) umbrosus (Thomas 1917) senegalensis ( E .

First, the original papers are, in a majority of cases, reports of field observations, of museum specimens, or of specimens collected in the field. They demonstrate an enthusiasm that is difficult to understand and sympathize with—enthusiasm for defining as unique the specimen under examination and for honoring the author with the opportunity for naming a new subspecies, species, or genus. Second, the authors of the summary or secondary publications have the advantage of more information or a wider view of Primates than the average field worker.

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