Evolving Health The Origins of Il and How the Modern World by Noel T. Boaz

By Noel T. Boaz

Human health problems should be understood as harm to these diversifications that we took on at a number of levels in our evolution from pre-life molecules to trendy Homo sapiens. combating those health problems includes fending off what reasons the damage-- which too often are the standard risks of twenty-first-century lifestyles, because the chart less than shows:Level of EvolutionCause of adaptive failureresulting illness or problemPre-lifeEnvironmental poisonsCertain start defectsSingle mobilephone (bacteria and amoeba-like)Viral infectionColds/flu/HIVMorula (sponge-like)Cellular stressCancerChordatePhysical stressBack painFishExcess nutritional saltHypertension/heart diseaseAmphibianTobacco smokeLung cancer/emphysemaLower primateExcess nutritional sugarDiabetes mellitusHigher primateVitamin C deficiencyScurvyApeExcess nutritional proteinGoutHomo sapiensReduced nutritional varietyNutritionaldiseases/food bronchial asthma

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Recalling the 17 adaptive levels from chapter 2, we can classify birth defects as failures to achieve the structural integrity of any one of those levels. In the birth defect in which a child is born with eyes on the sides, rather the front, of his or her face, a condition termed “ocular hypertelorism,” there has been a failure to progress from Level 11 to Level 12, the prosimian to the anthropoid. In human evolution, this change happened some 45 million years ago. In human development, it happens between the fifth and eighth weeks after conception.

All endocrine diseases of modern humanity are basically Level 5 problems—either an inability of the originating organ to throw the correct hormonal pass or of the target organ to catch it. Nerves are more advanced methods of hard-wiring the body for action. Nerve cells evolved in the first animals in order to conduct information directly from one site to another. Nerves thus do not broadcast their messages to all cells in the body. They have a discrete origin and end point, and they must have a point of connection—a synapse—with another cell in order to deliver How Our Health Evolved 31 their message.

46 Evolving Health Humans and the anthropoid primates have extended the infant care theme into the womb. The nutrition that a human fetus receives via its mother’s circulation is much richer than that of other mammals. The energy-rich sugar glucose is the primary food molecule, but many other substances of nutritive, immunological, and hormonal importance in the mother’s body cross over to the fetus as well. 4 The placenta also becomes an important endocrine organ, producing a number of essential hormones for both mother and fetus.

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