Extracellular Matrix and The Liver: Approach to Gene Therapy by Isao Okazaki, Yosifumi Ninomiya, Tanikawa Kyuichi, Scott I.

By Isao Okazaki, Yosifumi Ninomiya, Tanikawa Kyuichi, Scott I. Friedman

Extracellular Matrix of the Liver addresses the fundamental technology of the extracellular matrix and discussesnew ideas for the remedy of cirrhosis of the liver, with a main specialize in attainable gene therapyapproaches.The chapters are divided into six sections as follows:* easy technological know-how of Extracellular Matrix* Cells chargeable for Extracellular Matrix construction* Activation Mechanism of Hepatic Cells and sign Transduction* easy technological know-how for Extracellular Matrix Metabolism together with Enzymes and their Inhibitors* Matrix Mettaloproteinases and Tissue Inhibitors for Matrix Mettaloproteinases * New suggestions for the remedy of Liver Cirrhosis Key gains* Discusses the potential of gene treatment for liver cirrhosis* contains info on new points of hepatic stellate cells* Written by way of most sensible specialists in easy technology and medical hepatology

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