Fatty Alcohols: Anthropogenic and Natural Occurrence in the by Stephen Mudge;Scott E. Belanger;Allen M. Nielsen

By Stephen Mudge;Scott E. Belanger;Allen M. Nielsen

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This part of the molecule harvests the photons of incident radiation and passes it along an electron transport system. The phytyl side chain is mainly present to impart a degree of hydrophobicity to reduce the water solubility and immobilise the chlorophyll within the cells. 1 Analysis of environmental samples by saponification (see Chapter 6) will release the phytol from chlorophyll into the solvent. Therefore, the phytol may be a good indicator of the chlorophyll in the sample. This may originate in both the terrestrial environment from green plants and in the marine environment from phytoplankton.

2,29–32 In general, copepods are heaviest and rich in lipid shortly after the spring phytoplankton bloom. It has been implied that these organisms make fatty acids and alcohols directly from a carbohydrate source rather than by de novo synthesis from acetyl subunits. 9 19 Schematic process for the formation of fatty alcohols from fatty acids. Reaction (i) is chain shortening by fatty acyl-CoA dehydrogenase; reaction (ii) is chain elongation by continued malonyl-CoA addition in plants; reaction (iii) is desaturation principally in the D9, D12 and D15 positions, the latter two occurring in plants only.

In their experiments, Parkes and Taylor50 identified several short chain acids, several of which were also unsaturated. 1. The dominant compound is 16:0 in all cases, but substantial amounts of odd chain and branched compounds are also present. Parkes and Taylor50 suggest that the anteiso C15 may be indicative of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB). 3). 1 Chapter 3 Percentage straight chain and iso/anteiso branched fatty acids in different types of marine bacteria. 50 ring structure coordinating a magnesium atom.

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