Female Aggression by Helen Gavin, Theresa Porter

By Helen Gavin, Theresa Porter

This critique explodes the stereotypical assumption that males are extra services than girls to actual aggression
A cogent and holistic overview of the theoretical positions and examine touching on girl aggressionExamines the therapy, punishment and neighborhood reaction to lady competitive behaviorExamines issues together with sexual strength, serial homicide and the evolution of gendered aggressionTreats woman aggression in its personal correct instead of as a counterpart to male violence

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Can be carried out in women, particularly in non-clinical populations. The issue exercising the minds of policy makers today is the rise in violence in women outside of any question of psychopathology; this is the rise in delinquency and the issue of underlying aggressive tendencies in general, not in the psychiatric hospital, but in the streets of our cities. The following chapters will discuss various aspects of women’s aggression in the light of these theoretical positions. 2 The Evolution of Aggression The idea that all life is descended from a common ancestor and that complex creatures descend from simpler is very old, and can be found in ancient writings such as those of Anaximander, the Greek philosopher who lived in the sixth century BC (Couprie, Hahn, & Gerard, 2003).

Darwinism and Sociobiology Modern evolutionary theory is based on the writings of Charles Darwin, and it adds more scientific knowledge to the understanding of the process of descent. The process of this change is genetic mutation, and those mutations that are beneficial to an organism will survive to the next generation. The process by which beneficial mutations survive is known as natural selection. This refers to the preservation of a functional advantage that enables a species to compete better for food, territory, mates and so on, and leads to the elimination of inferior species gradually over time.

Personal space issues are thought to be the trigger here, and these do exhibit clear cultural and gender differences. Noise is also highly correlated with overcrowding. Noise is unwanted sound, and it can lead to negative effects, in some cases aggressive effects. It can be classed as intrusive and have detrimental effects on health, as well as provoking hostility (Gavin, 2006). Sleep Heat, noise and other environmental factors can have severe effect on sleep patterns, and there are various research findings that relate sleep Theories, Research and Misconceptions 19 patterns to disorders, including those involving antisocial behaviour.

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