Education (Ferguson's Careers in Focus) by Ferguson

By Ferguson

Careers in concentration: monetary providers, Fourth variation profiles 20 careers within the accounting, banking, and coverage industries.

Job profiles include:

-Accountants and auditors
-Bank examiners
-Financial analysts
-Financial establishment tellers, clerks, and comparable employees
-Financial planners
-Insurance claims representatives
-Loan officials and counselors
-Risk managers
-Tax preparers.

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At larger colleges and universities, the staff might be bigger, and the financial aid officer will head a department and direct the activities of financial aid counselors, who handle most of the personal contact with students. Other college administrators include college admissions counselors, who review records, interview prospective students, and process applications for admission. Alumni directors oversee the alumni associations of colleges and universities. An alumni director maintains relationships with the graduates of the college primarily for fund-raising purposes.

These institutions evolved slowly from monastery schools, which trained a select few for certain professions, notably theology. Outside of academia, the terms college and university have become virtually interchangeable in America, although originally they designated two very different kinds of institutions. Two of the most notable early Euro­ pean universities were the University of Bologna in Italy, thought to have been established in the 12th century, and the University of Paris, which was chartered in 1201.

Q. What are the most important professional qualities for people in your career? A. You have to be a people person as far as assisting students and making those employer connections. You also have to be able to change your style to relate the same topic to different personalities; not all students will understand something in the same way. You will also want to continue your education on a professional development level to be able to assist your students with current information and resources. Another thing you will need to utilize is your time management skills as well as your monetary budget skills.

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