Flying Combat Aircraft of the USAAF-USAF by Robin & Sidall, Abigail Higham

By Robin & Sidall, Abigail Higham

Flying strive against plane of the USAAF-USAF

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On the last day of my crash course I went through another experience that stayed with me. We were flying over some very rugged terrain in New Mexico, a few thousand feet above the mountains. The instruction crew— who got pretty bored with these checkout rides— was engaged in a spirited game of gin rummy when one of them turned around, cut both throttles and mixtures on the right side, and feathered those props. He then went back to his gin rummy game. I struggled and worked myself into a lather.

Was really impressed by a Dakota was in 1945 around Kemble, England, in an Oxford and passed a C-47 standing next to a Halifax. I was surprised to find that the Dakota appeared to be much bigger than one of RAF Bomber Command's heavy bombers. What made the Dakota so impressive was the round fuselage compared to the when we were I taxiing slim rectangular one on the Halifax; otherwise their dimensions were about and the Dakota only two. ground the Dakota had a tendency to look massive from the tail because of the great fin and rudder and elevators and the size of the fuselage; from the nose it looked like a dainty bird with a clean rounded beak, compared to the cluttered noses of most contemporary multiengine military machines with their guns and the like.

The B-58 has been flown above 85,000 feet with a payload. The afterburner. four engines were the J-79-5B General Electric axial type with The sea level static ratings were: maximum power with after- B-58 Hustler taking off. thrust at 7,734 rpm maximum continuous for 120 power— 10,300 pounds thrust at 7,400 rpm continuous. burner— 13,500 pounds minutes; military Normal cruise was 9,700 pounds thrust continuous with a maximum allowable exhaust gas temperature of 1,105°F under all conditions. Air refueling from a KC-135 tanker was easy compared to other airrefueled receivers.

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