Form and Function of Mammalian Lung: Analysis by Scientific by Andres Kriete

By Andres Kriete

The learn ways the investigations of airway morphology of the lung with a brand new set of imaging and cmputer graphical equipment, together with confocal imaging, computer-guided snapshot acquisition,visualization and fractal snap shots. the major result's that, unlike the assumption that the layout of the conductive a part of the lung of smaller mammals might be decribed with a trumpet version, the findings pronounced right here rfile a strongly monopodial branching trend with the sensible end result of a edition of useless house among the trachea and the acini. This non-dichotomic structural layout reveals its continuation in the respiration devices because the important requirement for an optimum area filling and dense packing which can't be accomplished through a dichotomic branching in basic terms. in accordance with a working laptop or computer version, computational physics tightly coupled with desktop visualistics allows practical simulation of the lung version relating to fuel delivery. the expected variance within the air flow of acini provides upward push to a proof of the well known distinction among the morphologically expected and physiologically required diffusion capacity.

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In conjunction with 3-D filtering techniques surfaces of classified objects in a volume are extracted and the resulting subset ofvoxels is stored as vectors together with the voxel values. This coding exhibits a strong data reduction and enables an easy implementation on graphic processors, taking advantage of a high rendering and visualization speed. However, if different aspects of the volume must be enhanced, the vector description must be calculated anew. 52 Another link between voxel representation and graphics is in the integration of simple geometrical features into the process of visualization.

Since the volume of these acini is neither known nor measurable, other than these results cannot be reported with confidence. Fig. 20. Topology of acinar ducts 37 a o 900 Distance from Origin [,um} ... 14, N I e ~ (CI o O. ,.. 21a,b. A 2-dimensional plot of (a) the topological skeleton of the branching pattern of the intraacinar airways and corresponding sum of cross-sectional areas of acinar ducts (b) 38 Fig. 22. Contour-based reconstruction in view from top. Interactively, traced septae are added.

Figure 30 has been rendered with balanced opacity values. Bronchi are given in yellow with shading to give additional brightness. Ducts are displayed in red with mean opacity. Alveoli are displayed in green with low opacity. The berrylike appearance of these structures could be very much enhanced by a special lightning technique described below. This visualization uses the embedded geometry feature to give an analytical view of the branching pattern, as explained in Sect. 4.. 2 Brightness The brightness of a voxel if rendered to the viewpoint is of special importance to improve the visualization and spatial impression.

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