From Neurology to Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud's by Lynn; SOLMS, Mark GAMWELL


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Collection of Bruce Sklarew, MD, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Fig. III illustrates the transition of the third portion of the acusticus VIII3 into the fibres of Deiters’s nucleus [DK]. All markings as before. Fig. IV. Section through the level of the fourth portion of the acusticus and of the nucleus of the n[ervus] abducens (6). VI is the n[ervus] abducens, hL the posterior longitudinal tracts, VIIk the genu of the facialis, Ctrp the part of the corpus trapezoides which proceeds to the ipsilateral upper olive, OST stem of the upper olive.

Hartnack 3/8. Magnification of the drawing 400. Fig. 5. Portion of a cell with process as in Fig. 1. In the nucleus a large number of delicate, forked and bent rods. Same magnification as in Fig. 4. 21. Comment: At the time that Freud conducted this study the structural and functional relations of nerve cells and fibers were still highly controversial. In these drawings Freud depicted the essential unity of cell and fiber. This paved the way for the neuron doctrine. Unfortunately the way in which Freud presented his conclusions was too cautious and reserved for him to actually be credited with the discovery of the neuron — and a full seven years would pass before Wilhelm von Waldeyer-Hartz and Santiago Ramón y Cajal formally proclaimed its existence.

These drawings are Freud’s penultimate attempts to picture the neurological mechanisms underlying mental processes. The drawings depict theoretical relations he had inferred between sexuality and various mood states. 36. 110 111 37. Letter to Wilhelm Fleiss, December 17, 1894. Sigmund Freud Collection, Library of Congress. 37. 112 113 38. Letter to Wilhelm Fleiss, December 17, 1894. Sigmund Freud Collection, Library of Congress. 38. 114 115 39. Letter to Wilhelm Fleiss, December 6, 1896. Sigmund Freud Collection, Library of Congress.

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