Great Conspiracies and Elaborate Coverups by Daniel cohen

By Daniel cohen

Examines the various frequent well known theories a couple of number of conspiracies and discusses the folk who advertise those theories and the folk who think in them.

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Many reasons have been given for the success of this film. " Belief in UFOs is part of our culture, part of our mental landscape. We can hardly imagine a time when we didn't believe in UFOs. I know how it all began because I was an eyewitness and in a small way even a participant in the beginnings of the extraterrestrial conspiracy belief. For many years there had been reports off and on of strange objects sighted in the sky. But what came to be regarded as the age of flying saucers began on June 24, 1947.

The members of the Condon committee examined in detail the evidence for most of the well-known UFO cases, and found nothing sensational. While a few sightings could not be adequately explained, the committee assumed that this was because of lack of evidence. They found no evidence of alien spaceships. The UFO buffs had discounted the Condon report even before it was written. When the massive 1,465-page report was finally issued in January 1969, it may have served the purpose of giving the government an excuse to get out of the UFO business, but it had virtually no effect on public opinion.

Almost immediately it was plunged into the Cold War, that long period of confrontation with the Soviets. The United States had already developed an atomic bomb, and everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the Soviet Union had its own atomic bomb. The fear was that the next war would be even more terrible than the last, that the human race might actually annihilate itself. This atmosphere affected the way people began to think about UFOs in several ways. S. S. military projects, and these were to be kept secret.

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