Greek Literary Papyri by D.L. Page

By D.L. Page

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127 140 [dj^urrco Pearson. 39 LITERARY PAPYRI vneKptyes Tt ndTrjv V7T€KXay€s e)(€Tai t8es; v7t6 jx iv TTpcoTOji Ti? oSe T/3077[a>i; 145 iX^X[vd€v avdyov. ] fievco. jLteV, el deXeis. ] OVK eariv, dXX avros cry ravd^ [077171 deXeis re Ka^i-xyeve koL TrXovljei Xa^cbv rds ^ovs re /cat rov ^pvaov, [oi? ol 8oK:]e[r 155 tpfjreL en 7rAetcrT[ov] firj Xpovov. [6]i'[ovTa jLt' [e/cAtTTetv t[oi; ttovoi; Siarpi^eLv] e^TJao/xat Trpiv y dv aa](f)cos €i8ct)/M€V ov[tiv'] €[vSov t^'S' e;;^et areyr]. ]778[ . . ^ta-] doiv Slouotcrtv oX^icrqis.

Vii. ; 57, 541. Fragment of the prologue of a Satyric drama. Danae and Perseus arrive at the shore of Seriphus enclosed in a chest. [? ] [ Ti aoL (f)vXdaGii); [ daXdaoT)? ] SepKov vvv is Kev[dpict)va Kal Srj SeSopKa rcjiSerl rot^Se TrXrjaLOV. iroTepa [ttovtlov repas, ^vyaLvav ^ k:7j[tos", ^AeVco; 10 dva^ ndcreiSov Zeu t' €vd[Xi' , olov roSe [Sjdjpov daXdaaf]? TripL-neT [eATTtSo? rrepa. [ ea- Ti (f)a) (f>dXaLvav toS' elvai; rj (Here follow fragments of two ]eorTt [Kal 8r) rovpyov ov X^P^^ Trpoaco.

P. 197. Fragments of 11 too small for inclusion here reveal the new words 'nop-na(j>6pos (" wearing a brooch "), olt^oixai (" lament "). no, pr. 6'J2, ; Pfiil. The ascription of thin text to Sophocles is not absolutely certain {see Korte, p. g. pp. 46-47, 57-59). The scene of the action of Sophocles' Inachus was probably Fr. (a) bcloic is preceded by fragments which the Argolis. reveal cnjpiyyo[s ] Se kXvoj, a]ra9nov, ttjv likely that the speakers are it is [ . ]atv j3oa)[r near or among the ; hence cattle- herds of Inachus.

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