Greek Rational Medicine. Philosophy and Medicine from by James Longrigg

By James Longrigg

The Greeks have been the 1st to increase rational platforms of medication nearly fullyyt freed from magical and spiritual components and dependent upon usual explanations. the significance of this innovative innovation for the following background of drugs can't be under pressure adequate. Drawing upon the most recent fabric discoveries and scholarship, James Longrigg describes the beginning and improvement of rational medication in historical Greece and examines its advanced courting with philosophy all the way down to the third century B.C. Greek Rational medication examines the real dating among philosophy and drugs in old Greece and past, revealing its importance for modern Western perform and concept.

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52 His manifest confidence that salutary effects are to be derived from the anti-bilious or anti-phlegmatic diet he recommends is itself clearly a matter of faith. Our author is patently over-confident in his assessment of the procedures he advocates. Although they are, in principle, capable of being subjected to further tests with a view to their verification, in practice, they remain speculative and untested. However, although one may justifiably entertain the gravest reservations regarding the particular theory propounded here, the importance, for the subsequent development of medicine, of the general intellectual framework within which it was evolved can hardly be overstressed.

Hippocrates] De acre aquis locis, Chapter 22) According to Herodotus’ apparently near contemporary account (Histories I, 105, above p. 44 Herodotus himself appears to accept this explanation. But, as we see here, the medical author’s explanation of this disease, though speculative and highly conjectural, in sharp contrast makes no recourse to the supernatural and is entirely consistent with his naturalistic outlook. He believes that, as a result of horse-riding, the Scythians become prone to varicose veins which they then seek to treat by cutting the vein that runs behind each ear.

The women, for instance, are held to be barren as a result of environmental factors and not because of retribution exacted by a vengeful deity as was previously suggested elsewhere. The supernatural origin ascribed to epilepsy is briefly mentioned and summarily dismissed in the same sentence. Later in the work (Chapter 22) our author turns to discuss the impotence which afflicted certain Scythians, the so-called ‘Anarieis’, which was superstitiously regarded as a divine affliction. Such men, he tells us, were held in awe and reverence by their fellows who feared for themselves: The rich Scythians become impotent, do women’s work, live like women and talk in the same way….

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