GURPS: Social Engineering by William H. Stoddard

By William H. Stoddard

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If the winner has Rapier Wit (p. B79), the loser suffers its usual effects. ROMANTIC RIVALRY A classic plot of fiction and drama is two lovers pursuing the same beloved. Two forms are possible: courtship (pp. 40-41) aims at attaining a lasting relationship; seduction, discussed here, aims at immediate gratification. Skills available to the rival seducers include Fast-Talk (for clever lines), Sex Appeal (for overt physical attraction), and Savoir-Faire (High Society) or Streetwise (in the appropriate social milieus).

36); and so on. The group may or may not have a focal performer as well. This situation uses the rules above, except as follows: 1. Compute the average skill of all the members except the focal performer. 2. Apply a penalty for group size, as above, but based on the half the number of members (round down). This is waived for a group with the Teamwork perk, regardless of size. 3. Use the average skill of the nonfocal performers as a complementary skill (p. 21) – but if there are at least two nonfocal performers, double the complementary skill modifier.

25). To compose a good set of augmented reality tags for yourself or someone else, use Propaganda. Success gives +1 to reaction rolls for people who view the tags. It has no effect on Influence rolls. VOICE TO VOICE Social interaction can take place through electronically transmitted two-way speech, either low-definition (old-style analog telephones, low-bandwidth radio) or high-definition (channels good enough to carry music). Magical voice projection can have similar effects. Appearance and Charisma don’t work via even high-definition voice, except that Charisma still adds to Public Speaking skill.

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