Hooligan: A history of respectable fears by Geoffrey Pearson

By Geoffrey Pearson

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Whereas we are encouraged to remember the pre-war years as the home of traditional discipline and common sense, we can hardly fail to notice the sympathy which reaches out to Hatton's bad boys or to Butterworth's hyperactive little terror - a sympathy, what is more, that nowadays would often be slapped down as a sentimental, modem, postwar 'permissive' fad. Sometimes this sympathy could involve quite extraordinary leniency. In 1937 Basil Henriques, a youth worker, magistrate and pillar of respectability, found it reasonable to excuse shop-lifting from multiple stores, for example, because they offered 'that most disgraceful temptation ...

33 Street robbery was not the only crime to be viewed leniently in the interwar years. 34 And although it is not clear what was meant by 'real' crime, it is evident that certain kinds of common theft, damage and injury were regarded as wholly commonplace in pre-war years and hardly worth a moment's thought. Pulling down the shutters of an empty shop or kiosk, we should remind ourselves, is what would today in the aftermath of Brixton and Toxteth be described as 'looting'. Another interesting example of these altered perceptions of crime and disorder comes to us from Sir Robert Mark's memoirs where he recounts some experiences from a brief spell as a beat constable in Manchester in the late 1930s.

Within an hour, and for varied reasons, he will have been chased around several streets, or leaped on every passing vehicle, and may decide to see London 'for nuffin' by jumping on every bus or tram whilst the conductor is upstairs ... the vocabulary and physical feats of Tiddler junior are remarkable. He knows more about sex perversions and crude stories at age thirteen than most people are likely to know at age thirty ... Somehow or other he will have visited every cinema in the locality or succeeded in getting pitched out of every Band of Hope.

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