Human Gross Anatomy: An Outline Text by Robert J. Leonard

By Robert J. Leonard

Take a seat with a replica of Netter's plus a wide volume of espresso and also you are reliable to head. transparent and concise, Leonard does an exceptional task of slicing in the course of the proverbial fats and hammers away on the proof.

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Within the lungs, the tributaries of pulmonary veins are described as intersegmental because they course between the bronchi and at the periphery of a bronchopulmonary segment; however, as they approach the hilum, they course more closely with their respective bronchi C. Bronchial vessels: one or more bronchial arteries from the thoracic aorta enter the hilum of each lung to supply the bronchi and bronchioles; bronchial veins from the left and right lungs drain into the accessory hemiazygos and azygos veins, respectively 46 THE T H O R A X D.

Articulations of the Vertebral Column A. Synovial joints 1. Atlanto-occipital joints: oblong joints between the convex occipital condyles of the skull and the reciprocally concave superior articular surfaces of the atlas; allow flexion and extension of the head, but not rotation 2. Median atlantoaxial joints: an anterior joint lies between the dens of the axis and the articular facet on the posterior surface of the anterior arch of the atlas, and a posterior joint lies between the dens and the transverse ligament of the atlas; they permit rotation of the head and atlas on the axis 3.

Origin: spinous process of the axis The Muscles of the Back 21 2. Insertion: transverse process of the atlas 3. Action: rotation of the head to the same side C. Obliquus capitis superior 1. Origin: transverse process of the atlas 2. Insertion: between the superior and inferior nuchal lines, deep to semispinalis capitis 3. Action: extension and lateral flexion of the head D. Rectus capitis posterior major 1. Origin: spinous process of the axis 2. Insertion: lateral part of the inferior nuchal line 3.

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